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Towards Self Reliance Amongst Himalayan Communities

Himalaya Consortium for Himalayan Conservation (HIMCON) is a community based grass roots effort for protection and conservation of Himalayan ecology and environment while taking up activities and action research programs along with the mountain communities. HIMCON team is happy to share various positives and constructive action programs that were taken up with the solidarity and support of several organizations, communities, activists and volunteers during 2014-15. Following activities were taken up by HIMCON in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand Himalayas with the active participation of village communities, women and youth groups of our program area. HIMCON has been focusing its activities in the villages of Tehri and Pauri Garhwal falling in the Henwal and Been River watersheds.

The principles and practices of people's participation in Himalayan Conservation and development have been put to the test during 1993-97 through the partnership of Trees for Life (TFL) and Himalayan Consortium For Himalayan Conservation (HIMCON). The emphasis is on planting of fuel, fodder and fruit trees. The complete programme includes setting up nurseries, transplanting, protection and maintenance of trees. In addition, water harvesting, spring rejuvenation, water management, measures for income generation and promotion of self-reliance are high priority tasks.

Any development will take place essentially with the active participation of the people concerned. A partnership has been worked out and practised in the last Ten years through women's organisations (Mahila Mandals), Self hedge Groups Youth organisations (Yuvak Mandals), schools and inter-colleges of the Himalayan region

What   We   Doing
  • Forming and strengthening women Self Help Groups/Water forums.
  • SHG Strengthening/ Training Program.
  • Working with schools and other institutions.
  • Exchange programs, campaigns, street theatres, workshops.
  • Construction of chaals.
  • Plantation of multipurpose broad leaf species
  • Direct seed sowing of oaks and guriyal.
  • Fodder Tree Nursery Development.
  • Spice Crop Promotion Trials.
  • Safe drinking water and revival of old water harvesting structures.
  • Roof Water Harvesting (Ferro-Cement tanks.
  • Meeting on Forest fires.
  • Compost Pit.
  • Health Camps