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Appeal for increasing partnership

We appeal to all the lovers of the Himalayas, the communities living there, people living outside and those who believe in the urgency of arresting the degradation of these sacred mountains. If the vision for restoring the Himalayas to their pristine glory is to turn to reality and the objectives envisaged in this report realised, every-one must lend a hand by way of voluntary work, or mobilisation of resources or both.

It is vital that the Himalayas be preserved, not only for the present and future generations of Indians but for mankind as a whole.

There are innumerable projects and programmes which need your support. All friends of the Himalayas interested in responding to the appeal are requested to contact:

Field Office:

HIMCON Milan Kendra
Village & Post : Sabli,
Tehri Garhwal District Uttrakhand (India)

Head Office

Himalaya Consortium for Himalayan Conservation (HIMCON)
16, Rajghat Colony,
C/O Himalaya Seva Sangh
Gandhi Smark Nidhi Complex
New Delhi -110002.
phone: +91-01 1-23319685

Tasks for the present and future in which we need cooperation of all are:-

1. Land & Water Care Movement & specially Bio Industrial Watershed Management through which we promote Employment Security & Income Generaiton for the masses by small & medium scale industries such as medicinal & aromatic plants, off season vegetables, their processing & marketing, Nut Fruit Revolution, Milk & Milk Products on "AMUL" pattern.

2. GREENING of Himalayas -lots of Wastelands, wasted lands, barren lands are waiting to be planted with trees of various types, fuels, fodder & multiple purpose. Fruits & Nuts of all type, vegetables, Medicinal & Aromatic plants, Flowers

3. Local Enterpreunership Development in various aspects of Natural Resource Management involving Greening & Land & Watershed Management.

4. Voluntarism - local, regional, national and international must be promoted vigorously. Govt. done and people and voluntary agencies need support of all and hence this appeal to all who are seeing this CD Rom or the brochure.