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HIMCON has through this program formed and strengthened women mutual support groups in Nineteen villages of our intervention area and was successful in forming thirty seven women self help groups.

Legal status : Charitable trust registered at New Delhi Registration
Number and Date : 388/7193 /2.09.1999
F.C.R.A. Registration
Number : 231660090

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Working with schools and other institutions

HIMCON organized two health camps in the Ramjiwala village with the support and active participation of Aquamall Water Solutions team. The two camps were organized on 29th -30th June 2014 and 27th -28th December 2014 by Dr. G. S. Panwar. 405 villagers from the region got benefited through these camps. Medical consultancy, advice and medicines were provided during this health camps. Tests were also conducted for diabetic patients during the health camp. The majority of patients making use of this facility were women.