About us

HIMCON has through this program formed and strengthened women mutual support groups in Nineteen villages of our intervention area and was successful in forming thirty seven women self help groups.

Legal status : Charitable trust registered at New Delhi Registration
Number and Date : 388/7193 /2.09.1999
F.C.R.A. Registration
Number : 231660090

Mission Statement

Rejuvenation of Himalayan Oaks & Rejuvenation of Springs through Chaals (recharge pits) in Henwal Valley of Chamba Block

Enhancement of socio-economic status of deprived section of the society through implementation of need based interventions for the Poverty Alleviation and sustainable Development in Kimshar Area of Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand

What We Doing

Construction of chaals

HIMCON along with its partner organization HSS and the 37 women self help groups organized to construct 64 Chaals or small ponds / recharge pits through participative .

Direct seed sowing of oaks and guriyal

HIMCON has organized the plantation of broad leaf species like Oak and Guriyal through direct seed sowing efforts in Chopriali, Bidkot, Kimsar, Ramjiwala and Dharkot villages .

Plantation of multipurpose broad leaf species

HIMCON along with the women groups in our intervention area have successfully organized broad leaf tree sapling plantation of around 16,975 saplings of Oak.

Fodder Tree Nursery Development

HIMCON is also developing a fodder tree sapling nursery of mulberry, Guriyal and bamboo to be planted during the coming monsoon plantation season in July and August.

Spice Crop Promotion Trials

HIMCON field team has successfully motivated the women farmers through respective SHG meetings and training programs in our project area for revolving the seeds .

Roof Water Harvesting (Ferro-Cement tanks)

Roof-top rainwater harvesting technology was introduced by HIMCON with the support of Aquamall in the Ramjiwala village of Kimsar region which has been facing acute water shortage.

Health Camps

HIMCON organized two health camps in the Ramjiwala village with the support and active participation of Aquamall Water Solutions team.

Compost Pit

Two compost pits were also constructed under this program. Smt. Maya Devi and Smt. Sadhana Devi were selected from the Jai Shree Ram Self Help Group and they also assisted .