About us

HIMCON has through this program formed and strengthened women mutual support groups in Nineteen villages of our intervention area and was successful in forming thirty seven women self help groups.

Legal status : Charitable trust registered at New Delhi Registration
Number and Date : 388/7193 /2.09.1999
F.C.R.A. Registration
Number : 231660090

Mission Statement

Rejuvenation of Himalayan Oaks & Rejuvenation of Springs through Chaals (recharge pits) in Henwal Valley of Chamba Block

Enhancement of socio-economic status of deprived section of the society through implementation of need based interventions for the Poverty Alleviation and sustainable Development in Kimshar Area of Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand

What We Doing > Workshops and Campaigns

Working with schools and other institutions

HIMCON was successful in involving the School teachers and children of our work area in our ongoing programs of water conservation and purification through a series of meetings and contact campaigns while organizing meetings and small workshops with them by our Animators and Volunteers. Drawing and Painting, Music and Poetry, Theatre workshops and participation in the monsoon plantation program have brought in a fresh enthusiasm among the school children and teachers of our program area. We have been able to identify young volunteers and activists from among these children who are now showing active interest in our ongoing activities. Garhwal University students who showed interest in our work have also been involved in our programs. HIMCON also involved the Mahila Samakhya (A women’s Organization) team of Tehri Garhwal in our campaigns on water issues especially while working with the school students and this helped us making a better reach among the children.

HIMCON also did a little survey through its animators to make an assessment of the condition of water and sanitation facilities in the schools that we were interacting with. Our information and observation has left some unresolved issues to be dealt with along with the communities and schools in our area of intervention.

  • All the schools have a toilet but in a very bad shape and in very unhygienic conditions.
  • There is little or most of the times no water availability for the toilets in the schools we visited and children in most schools prefer to go out in open.
  • When teachers were asked said that they were not taking any special information classes for their children on water and sanitation issues and that the efforts made by our animators are helping them.
  • There is a request from some of the schools to construct and repair roof water harvesting structures for the schools and we have started exploring possibilities of support from within the community and outside to see that some positive action takes place.
  • In the schools of Tehri Garhwal that we visited we were told that regular six monthly medical checkups of children was done by the District Health Department teams and yet no one pointed or tried to resolve the important issue of sanitation in the schools. HIMCON and its partner organizations intend to take this issue with the District administration in the coming months.

Exchange programs, campaigns, street theatres, workshops

HIMCON along with its partner organizations organized several trainings to build up the capacities of women groups which included trainings on Water and Sanitation, Fodder Development, MNREGA awareness program, Capacity building for SHG, and SHG kosh Prabandha. Several small and big meetings and workshops were organized involving all the SHG group members to discuss in detail the status of various Govt. schemes like MNREGA to access the awareness level among the women in the region. Informed resource persons, activists and experts where brought in while these workshops were conducted. Information materials in local languages were generated distributed and shared in the community during these training programs.

Small groups were formed during these workshops in order to help each one to come out with their experience, ideas, and suggestions for strengthening the program. Various tools of group animation were used like preparing proposals and charts, group discussions, problem identification exercises, ice breaking exercises through songs, poetry and innovative games were carried out by trained and experienced animators during these workshops.

After these exercises every one realized that the general awareness level of women groups and the community at large had improved regarding their own role duties and rights towards various Govt. and Panchayat schemes. It has been felt that this process must continue till the community gets fully empowered in dealing with the system in a strong manner. There is a felt need to take up various exposure programs.

HIMCON and UJJS together organized a “Bal Sambad” from 13 -16 March 2015 with Himalaya Seva Sangh and Arghyam support which was a three day residential workshop cum training program organized at Jagrti Bhavan in Khadi and was attended by 55 children of Henwal and Been river watershed villages. This Bal Sambad was focused on “water and Sanitation” issues. The workshop was designed in a manner that children enjoyed it while learning on real day to day issues through creative ways. Experts from women groups, social and cultural activist groups were brought as resource people to engage the children and make them think on issues of land, water and forest.

Children took out campaign marches ( Prabhat Pheri) in the mornings singing songs and slogans to sensitize the communities around on water and sanitation issues. HSS has happily located some very creative and enthusiastic young volunteers from among these students who participated in this workshop and are involving them in our ongoing activities according to their interests and capacities.

Meeting on Forest fires

HIMCON organized two campaign meetings on the issue of forest fires in our program area with the support of Himalaya Seva Sangh which was attended by representatives from women organizations, elected Panchayat members and activists from different organizations working in the Henwal and Been river watershed villages. These meetings were steered by Uttarakhand Jan Jagrti Sansthan and HIMCON at Jagriti Bhawan - Khaddi and Kimsar village and were attended by around 153 participants. Presentations were made by experts and experienced senior citizens which generated a good discussion and an action program was chalked out to sensitize the community on the adverse impact of forest fires on the ecology and environment of their watersheds. HIMCON will continue this campaign in its intervention area through small meetings in different village clusters of both the watersheds of Been river in the Kimsar region